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Designing a new kitchen or renovating an existing one? The whole design of the kitchen is likely going to be your main priority, but kitchen plumbing is a huge factor that you need to take into consideration! Good design for your kitchen plumbing can make the difference between a well functioning or poorly functioning kitchen!

When you work with the team from Laser Plumbing, they will help you with the planning and design for your kitchen. We work alongside your architects and other consultants to ensure that your whole kitchen design is in sync.

We can help with all of your kitchen needs from the design and layout of the kitchen plumbing, choosing the facets and appliances through to the installation and completion of your new kitchen!

Gas fitting is another aspect of your kitchen plumbing to consider. With gas fitters from Laser Plumbing you will find all of your plumbing services in one call!

Some factors that you will need to consider when designing the plumbing for your kitchen include:

  • Fridge installation including the ice & water supply
  • Dishwasher connections for hot and cold water as well as waste water
  • Kitchen drainage and pipes from sinks and appliances - Backflow Prevention
  • Gas hob and appliance installation and gas supply options
  • Faucet installation with correct pressure and consistent flow

The team at Laser Plumbing are also experts at plumbing repairs and appliance installations. Whether you have a problem with a leaky pipe, tap, malfunctioning kitchen appliance, gas appliance or have purchased a new kitchen appliance that requires professional installation, call your local Laser Plumber today! There is no job too big or small for us to handle.

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