Laser Group reaps 87.5% cost savings after successful migration to Google Apps

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Laser Group reaps 87.5% cost savings after successful migration to Google AppsBusiness

Laser Group is one of the leading electrical and plumbing contracting networks across Australia and New Zealand. Established in 1999 in New Zealand, the business has grown over the years and today offers its own systems as well as tools and management processes to other electrical & plumbing contractors as a franchisor. In 2004, Laser Group ventured into Australia. It currently has 110 companies in Australia and 95 in New Zealand representing the Laser brand in electrical and plumbing contracts.

Challenge the business’ IT processes are outsourced to external IT consultants and vendors, and this relationship is managed by one dedicated IT staff for both the Australia and New Zealand offices. Group CEO of Laser Group, Steve Keil, shared that the previous solution the business used worked effectively but came at a high cost. The company had to make payments to regularly maintain its email server, provision licences for software and purchase new hardware.

As the company continues to grow, and with the limited resources allocated to IT management, Laser Group decided that a move to a cloud environment would be a cost-effective step in the right direction.

We appreciate Google Docs’ ability to stay open yet secure, with the proper mechanisms in place to allow us to share the information only with the right people. We’ve seen a 30% increase in productivity due to improved time efficiency," Mr Keil, Group CEO of Laser Group

SolutionLaser Group came up with a set of criteria that they wanted the new solution to commit to, including ease of use and seamless deployment. The business compared several cloud solutions and eventually decided on Google Apps as it was the only solution that did not require them to install additional hardware or software

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