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Dripping tap driving you crazy? Leaky taps are a common problem in most households.

While they might not seem like that big a deal, those pesky little drips add up over time, wasting you water and money down the drain. A tap that drips once every second wastes 1,000 litres of water a year, and a leaking toilet cistern can waste as much as 15,000 litres a year*. If you have a hot leaky tap, you will also be wasting electricity as well.

Use your water meter to check for hidden water leaks. Read the house water meter before and after a period when no water is being used (ideally overnight). If the meter has changed you know there is a leak. A leaking toilet cistern is not always obvious, but you can check by putting a few drops of food colouring into the cistern and watching to see whether coloured water enters the toilet bowl. If it does, you know you have a leak.

You may even have leaks from the bath, shower or sink waste pipes that if left undetected can damage your home’s framing or foundations and cause dampness in the home from a build-up of moisture under the house.

One of our customer’s water bill was $450**. We fixed their leaky shower, toilet and tap and the next quarter’s bill dropped to just $100. Fixing 3 leaks saved this customer over $300. Those tiny drips can cost a huge amount. Your situation may be different, you may save less, but you may save more! But you’ll never know until you take some action.

Give your local Laser Plumber a call and we can help you see instant savings just by fixing your leaky taps. We can make it worthwhile by checking your other plumbing problems while we are at it.

We can also give you useful information and advice about other water saving devices. We will be happy to provide a quote for your best plumbing solution. Ask your Laser Plumber today and get saving tomorrow.

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See the Watercare website for more handy water savings tips.

*Waitakere City Council’s Sustainable Home Guidelines

**Savings based on one customer’s actual experience. Savings amounts will vary depending on the severity of leak.

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