Hot Water Heat Pumps

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We all dread the spike in our electricity power bill over the winter months. Did you know water heating accounts for around 30% of our energy bills and costs the average household around $650* a year?

But… you may be using more energy than you need to get the hot water you want! By installing a hot water heat pump you can save around 60% off your water heating bill.*

How? Heat pump water heaters are generally a more energy efficient way to heat water than standard electric cylinders.

Using the same technology as an ordinary heat pump, Heat pump water heaters use energy from the outdoor air or ground to heat water, which is stored in an insulated hot water tank. The outside air gets heated up by energy from the sun all year round. So even when the sun is not shining brightly, or it is the middle of winter, there is still solar heat energy in the air that is available for use.

Heat pump systems only use electrical energy to 'move' the heat - they don't actually 'make' heat. This makes heat pump systems much more energy efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters.

It's nice to know that this will save you money off your power bill while being good to the environment as well.

If you are planning on installing a new heat pump water heater you may be eligible for Energywise funding of $575 towards the cost. Just another reason why you should get one today and save money in the future.

You can download a pdf listing of EECA Energywise Eligible systems and Scheme Partners here.

Please note to be eligible for a subsidy, a licensed plumber must install the system. So why not Contact us and we will recommend the best solution for your requirements?

There is no better time to install than today. Find your local Laser New Zealand Plumber.

ENERGYWISE™ supports the use of hot water heat pumps to reduce electricity use. Visit their website for more information.

*Savings estimates are based on general information supplied by Meridian Energy. Savings may vary by brand or unit. Potential savings should be checked against the manufacturers specifications.

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