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Ventilate with Laser Electrical and enjoy the benefits of fresher, drier, healthier air in your home.

Getting fresh air into the home is important for providing a healthy environment for your family. Condensation, mould, mildew and dust mites are a common problem in many homes. If not actively removed, that moisture can lead to condensation, mould and airborne nasties and family health problems.

To keep the nasties at bay you need to regularly ventilate your house. But sometimes keeping all the windows and doors open just isn't possible due to weather conditions and security risks. A home ventilation system is your solution. A well designed and installed system can provide continuous ventilation, removing the damp stale air, keeping your indoor air clean and fresh.

A ventilation system works by taking either fresh air from outside or warmer, drier air from the roof cavity, passing it through a high grade filter and then distributing it around your home via diffusers set in the ceiling. The moisture laden stale air is forced out around doors and windows or through special exhaust vents.

By having a home ventilation system installed by Laser Electrical you can reduce the damage to your home while providing your family with improved air quality and a healthier living environment. A home ventilation system is easy to install, runs whisper quiet and is perfect for asthma or hay fever sufferers. A drier home not only improves air quality but requires less energy to heat than a damp home.

We can give you expert advice on your home ventilation requirements.

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