Fiji School Project

Category: Community Projects

The Cuvu Primary School is near the Shangri-La Hotel where the annual Laser conference was held 2009.

The school's toilet block had not been working properly for 10 years and was in a very bad condition with constant leaks, broken doors, sewage hazards and no hand basins, to name but a few faults.

Borrowing tools from the hotel's chief engineers, our Laser Plumbers & Electricians:

  • Fixed all doors on the toilet cubicles increasing privacy
  • Installed a 125 litre tank in the ceiling to provide storage for when the Government turned the water supply off
  • Installed hand basins in each of the boys and girls toilets
  • Replaced all water pipes throughout the block
  • Completely serviced all existing WC's
  • Installed replacement toilet cisterns as required
  • Attached new toilet seats in the boys' toilets
  • Dug sumps for outdoor taps so the water drained away (the hand basins in the toilet block were also drained into these sumps), and
  • Built a simple flush system for the boys' urinal

To support the school Laser Group raised FJ$2,500 through a rugby game between local children and an auction of an Ipod. Our suppliers at the conference made contributions to pay for the materials used, so the initial FJ$2,500 could be used by Cuvu Primary for future projects, such as another storage tank to collect water off the main roof (they currently have three storage tanks, but could do with more).

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